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Hello and welcome to Frenchyled's Web site....... the site which will make all the light on the universe of flashlights..

This site is at present under construction.... Thank you for your visit and bye for now !

12-26-2009    Some minor modifications and link added for "Lampes DB"
06-20-2009    Chinese flashlights page with Altuslumen, Liteflux, Olight, Jetbeam, Nitecore, Zebralight brands
02-15-2009    Some modifications and flashlights added
01-02-2009    Zylight Z90 pictures in section "new products"
05-24-2008    Some modifications, Horus FD 1.3 and AltusLumen TRI-L Reviews
12-21-2007    Some new flashlights Surefire and others ;)
01-21-2007    MGizmo page updated
12-16-2006    Fenix Flashlight category created
10-15-2006    Review section added _ First review Wiseled Adapt
06-18-2006    DS Firefly-III and LRI Proton added
06-14-2006    Arc AAA Flupic by CHIMO added in Arc FLashlights section
06-14-2006    Pictures added for Exolion TI, Raw TI and SPY005
05-28-2006    Surefire collection updated
04-17-2006    Pila GL2 and Surefire U2 pictures added
04-15-2006    Colours, header and footer changed
02-18-2006    L2P,TI Ion,Larry CR2 II and Raw NS pictures added
01-30-2006    Flash pictures index added....
01-28-2006    Fenix L1P & LOP added ...
01-25-2006    Some modifications...Japanese flashlights..
01-16-2006    More Pictures & links in "other flashlights"
01-15-2006    Some links and pictures added
01-01-2006    Chameleon added
12-30-2005    Lighoon3 added
12-30-2005    McLuxIII T and PD added